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Rules and public policy committee of the Indianapolis City-County Council
November 20, 2018, 5:30 PM at 200 E. Washington Street, Rm. T241, Indianapolis, in 46204

Dear Friend:

I'm inviting you to come testify on Tuesday in support of the proposed sit/lie ordinance. On November 20, the Rules and Public Policy Committee of the Indy City-County Council will hear PROPOSAL NO. 357, 2018 – which “amends the Code to adopt new provisions prohibiting the sitting or lying upon the surface of a public right-of-way at certain times within the Downtown Mile Square on the agenda.”

I am hopeful that this important proposal, which is intended to increase the security and safety of area residents and those visiting the Downtown area, will succeed by keeping people from sitting or lying on the streets and sidewalks. Not only is safety a concern here, but the Tourism & Convention business of Indianapolis is being damaged due to visitors being harassed by aggressive panhandlers as well as area businesses having to deal with those who block their entrances and agitate their customers.

The issue of our homeless neighbors has been raised in this conversation as well, and safeguards to help get those who are in need to shelters and other places where they may receive assistance are being planned as well.

If you are concerned about keeping our Downtown corridor safe, and have the time to testify before the Rules Committee Tuesday at 5:30pm, please consider joining me and letting your feelings be known. Citizens are allowed up to two minutes to testify before the committee members. I am hopeful that advocates for the safety of our city will attend and ask our Indy Councillors to vote YES to protect our city.

November 21, 2018, 8 AM at Le peep castleton

Everyone is invited to this breakfast no matter where they live and at no cost other than whatever you wish to order to eat or drink – or nothing as you wish.

The speaker for this event will be former Indy City-County Councillor and author of "Fear of a Black Republican" Jose Evans.


Michael McQuillen 2019 Announcement & Fundraiser Party
Wednesday December 19, 2018, 5:30pm - 7pM at  Monarch Beverage, 9347 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis, IN  46236

Sponsorship details & info, please contact Nathan Wilson at


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