As Visit Indy, it's our job to promote the city of Indianapolis. And that job has never been easier, more energizing or more rewarding than it is right now. As an unprecedented level of cooperation between business and government boosts Indianapolis to a completely new level, we're reveling in the opportunity to show our city off.

In just the last decade, we've opened a major new international airport terminal. We've vastly expanded our convention center, which—coupled with Lucas Oil Stadium—offers 745,000 square feet of exhibit space, making it one of the largest convention facilities in the United States. And that facility is  linked by climate-controlled skywalks to more hotel rooms than in any other city (12 hotels and 4,700 rooms). It's all come together to make ours a natural, top-pick convention city.

Assisted by our promotion, the Indianapolis tourism industry is taking a giant leap forward—a leap that will add to what is already a significant contribution to our city and state economy. Our most recent figures show Indianapolis receiving 26 million annual visitors, who spend roughly $4.4 billion dollars. Visitor spending supports more than 75,000 full-time equivalent employment positions in our hospitality industry. Tourism also produces $1.1 billion in tax receipts each year - including $238 million in local government tax. Tourism is big business and it is helping Indy race ahead.

In recent years, our efforts on behalf of the city have won multiple national industryawards (including the Gold Service Award from Meetings & Conventions, the Pinnacle Award from Successful Meetings and the Distinctive Achievement Award from Association Convention and Facilities). We're proud of those awards. But we're never satisfied. Which is why we will continue pushing ourselves harder, to push our city even higher.




Kids Riding Bikes® is our preeminent youth program, built around the concept of community and team-building, achieving new personal goals, getting active and learning about the athleticism and hardware of biking.

Kids Riding Bikes gives today’s youth the opportunity to get moving and active on stationary bicycle simulators as part of their physical education class. Bikes are mounted onto indoor bike trainers as the kids find themselves in the middle of a big video game and provides an exciting and technologically indoor bike training experience. Customized software provides the ability to tailor the courses we administer to the kids based on distance and elevation. Nine13sports staff members work together with the students during the duration of the programming, providing knowledge about bicycle mechanics and safety, in addition to the importance of physical fitness, healthy living, teamwork, and other vital life skills.

Collection & Exhibit Committee for the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

The mission of the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site is to share the life stories, arts and culture of an American President to increase public participation in the American system of self-government.

Our vision is the renewal and reinvigoration of the mutual covenant between those who govern and those who are governed, which is at the heart of the American experiment in self-government.

The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site is a not for profit, tax-exempt organization, whose purpose is to maintain and preserve the Harrison home, collections and grounds as a museum and memorial to the only President of the United States elected from the State of Indiana. Open to the public as an educational and historical service, the Site seeks to promote patriotism and citizenship through appropriate educational activities and by artfully exhibiting the Victorian time period as Harrison and his family might have experienced it.